My Version of Tough Love? LAME!!!!!

Quite concerned that I've spoiled the dogs rotten the last two weeks, I thought I should exercise a bit of tough love on them and remind them who's the boss. I've got a few days to straighten them up before their dad gets home.

Unfortunately, the boss? NOT ME.

I tried introducing them to the Great Slippers this morning. No luck. They thought it was a game. And clearly, I'm so lame at this.

Last weekend, I asked my mother to dogsit. She said that the only time the dogs truly misbehave? IS WHEN I AM WITH THEM. Which means that when I leave the house to do errands or meet people, and leave the dogs with someone else for a few hours, they're in their best behavior.

"All they do is sleep," my mom would say.

It's the same thing my son would say or the helper would say when I entrust the dogs to them.

It's the same thing the husband said when I went on vacation and visited my girlfriends.


Then, why have the dogs been up since 7 this morning and hardly slept at all?!? It's lunch time. They've been up all hours running around the house, playing with each other, going up and down, messing chairs and sofa, barking at the window, and sometimes, scratching my legs asking they be let out the door for a while.

I don't need this when I'm running deadlines (like today). Unfortunately, there's no one else I can cry to or seek help from, for now. The house pretty much feels like a daycare center and I'm the only adult present.

Apparently, the dogs only act out when I'm home with them. Is that the same with your dogkids or is something wrong with me?


  1. yes ganun din si pampam pag nasa cavite kami, ang kulit kulit. pero nung umalis kami and left her with my mom and sis, ang bait naman daw, tulog lang sa isang tabi!

  2. Talaga? Ang weird no? Bakit kaya yan? Ma-research nga LOL!

  3. Hahaha! Akala nga nila game! Di kaya parang babies yan? Papansin sa parents, pero sa iba - behave lang. Ang cute. :)

  4. Sabi nga ng nanay ko. Ganyan din daw ako nung maliit. Binibiro siya ng Lola ko buti pa umalis na lang kasi bait ako pag wala siya. =)

  5. May lahing aso ako??? LOL! Or may lahing tao sila?