Ikea Now Offers Pet Furniture!

I don't have the inside scoop on whether or not Ikea's coming to the Philippines but if there's one thing a lot shoppers here wish for, it would be this --- a real Ikea shop in the area. There are Ikea dealers somewhere in either Ortigas or Makati. (Is it? I forgot.) But the prices are marked up and items have to be specially ordered.

But while we're waiting for this to happen, Ikea abroad continues to come up with nifty, affordable furniture. In Australia, they're even launching a line exclusively for pets, such as this feeding chair!!!

It's so weird watching this. I'm aware how much dogs are like family. I treat mine like babies. But I draw the line at other stuff. This high chair would be outside of that line for me. I just don't think it's practical. Or sane.

For $59.99, would you get your pet this?

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  1. I think this was meant as an April Fools' prank :)