Back-Off Dog and Cat Urine Repellant

Found this at Pooch Park in Robinson's Metro East. 

A bottle is about Php450.00 and is about 100ml only. You spray this on areas where you wouldn't want your dog to pee on. 

Back Off Urine Repellant
It worked for a while.

But the problem is, you'd have to keep spraying every 12 hours. And I just had this one bottle vs seven dogs. Well, okay four dogs. Because three dogs have mastered their toilet training well and aren't causing problems.

The whole bottle lasted four days. Whatever's left of it is 90% water now. My son just keeps spraying, hoping some of the smell from the liquid inside this would still work with the dogs.

The one other problem? They did stay away from their usual spots where I've sprayed Back Off. Those spots are free of urine.  But they found new spots to soil. :P And only once or twice did they go to relieve themselves in the place I've designated for them.


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