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All my life, I grew up with dogs. There was a time I we had about 13 dogs in my grandparents' house, where I was raised.

I had my first pet when I was 9. A brown dachshund named Hutch, Starsky's brother and Pretzel's son. Pretzel was the family princess. Hutch wasn't really MY pet per se. I didn't feed and bathe him, Lolo did. But of all the dogs we had in the house, I was drawn to him the most. Hutch was gay. He'd walk with this forelegs crossing each other. One time, we heard him squeal and discovered that ants had bit him by the balls. I can't remember how I lost Hutch.

I had another pet in my teens who I named Bart. When Pretzel died, my grandmother took in another "princess", a toy poodle named Olive. Bart is Olive's first born. I named him. I bathed him. But Lolo was still the one feeding him. I lost Bart when our car ran over him. He wasn't supposed to be out of the house. I cried in my room when I learned he died.

I was in my 20's when I had Denzel, a black dachshund. He had been a gift from my father for graduating college. He had been my first real pet-baby. Only, I had to give him up because I gave birth a couple of years later and had to take care of a real live human being this time. Denzel died because he got sick. I sort of feel it's partly because of neglect, too. I didn't have a dog for a long time since then.

A decade later and I was gifted by the husband with Eddie, our Jack Russell. Two months after that and I was gifted with Daphne, of the same breed. A year and a half later, our dog family grew to five more.

This blog is all about my dog kids: Eddie, Daphne, Roz, Niles, Frasier, Bob & Marty.

Since their arrival, our world has been insane. But it's the kind of crazy-fun I would love to talk about and share to the world.

So let me tell you all about my furkids...

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