I Don't Do Photoshoots! Nor Kisses! Can I Bite You Instead?

By contrast (to Eddie), we can never quite see Bob being affectionate. It doesn't suit his built and personality. He's distant and would never do those cute antics. He doesn't do "puppy-dog eyes" like this one:

This cuteness? It's beyond him.

I've tried many times to ask for a kiss from Bob, but the dog would just look at my face blankly. I even did the "pweeze" face at him and I'm pretty sure in his mind he's saying, "Ano ka te, hilo???"

He would, however, come up close to Philip and wag his tail at him. When I say "up close", I mean IN YOUR FACE close. Like inches apart. Like someone near-sighted trying very hard to look at your face. It's his favorite thing to do, I think because we'd see him do this regularly. And only to his human-dad. And only when he sees his dad working on something in his laptop.

The other thing about Bob? I could never get a decent picture of him. NEVER.

This set was taken this morning, since I'm working my way to introducing the pets on this blog. And see? Not one decent shot of his gorgeous face:

No to paparazzi!

This dog also bites. Whenever he's excited, he'd bite. Albeit, playfully.

The cable guys were here a few days ago, and the dogs were following them around, Bob included. At one point, I heard one of  the cable guys said, "Ayayayayay!!"  Bob apparently jumped at him to nibble his hand. When I scolded him, he was looking at the cable guy and he seemed to say, "C'mon, dude. I was just playing with you!"

Now that biting and jumping? Bob thinks *that* is cute.

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