Perfumes and Colognes Drive Him Crazy

Anytime I'd spray perfume or cologne on our bed so that it smells better, Niles will automatically do this:

Crazy dog on the loose!

He'd jump and roll over our bed. Would lose his mind for a while.

The first time he did this, he was on the bed. So, I was thinking that maybe I irritated his senses and he was trying to rub the smell off.

But the next time it happened, Niles wasn't there. He was by the floor, just outside our bedroom. But the minute I sprayed cologne on the bed, he jumped and behaved like a crazy dog again. I thought nothing of it, until I observed that he does this each and every time.

With fabric sprays or fresheners? Not so much. But with colognes and perfumes? He'd go berserk.

Once, I was cleaning the bedroom and Niles saw that I had a bottle of perfume on hand. He was curiously watching me --- which by the way, Niles' gaze? Deadly. He has this "look" that says to me, he's up to no good. (I have to get a picture of that one time!) Anyway, his eyes were locked on me holding the perfume bottle and the moment I aimed it on the bed, he was up there ready to take it.

We even caught him one time jumping up the bed as Philip sprayed perfume on himself. Niles thought we were spraying the bed with it.

I dunno what is up with this dog and perfumes. Maybe he just wants to smell really good. Or in his former life, he probably was this olfactory expert.

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