Pet Washing Machine: Cool or Cruel?

Apparently, pet grooming services abroad offer a new way for bathing dogs and cats. They call this the Pet Washing Machine. It literally works like one, complete with the wash/dry buttons.

Here's the video of the cat inside the machine. Clearly, the cat is not loving it. Trauma alert! I feel bad for her:

And here's the video of the dog, who didn't lose it like that cat above and seemed okay with it:

I'm just not sure all dogs will behave like this one. I highly doubt any of my male dogs will. They don't even like bathing the traditional way.

What do you think of a Pet Washing Machine? It does seem like a convenient way to clean pets. But convenience vs. trauma? I don't know. It's probably best not to use this.

How big is this thing, anyways? Would I fit inside it? *planning to bathe inside a pet washing machine*


  1. I don't like it. di ako kasya. LOL.

    Seriously...trauma yan!

  2. ay ayaw ko din! no way! bathing time is our bonding time.. devoid of tender loving care naman yang vending...este, bathing machine na yan... wawa naman the pets...
    walang tactile stimulus eh, iba pa din pag may haplos ng pagmamahal, parang johnsons baby powdaaah! hihihi...

  3. Medyo get ko yung logic, pag marami kang pinapaliguan. Waah! Nakakapagod. By the time you get to the fourth or fifth dog, may tendency, you can't clean them properly anymore. Pero, I don't think kaya ko to leave them inside the machine, not sure about what's happening.

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