When Daddy is Away, the Dogs Horse Around...

With their human-dad away for work for a few weeks, the dogs have been having a grand time making our bed their playground:

This drives me crazy, of course. It is a riot. This video I took of them tonight is quite tame, compared to the other nights when they behaved like monkeys.

But since I no longer have the energy to scold them when they do this late at night, (as I've been scolding and yelling after them during the day), I yield and let 'em play.

I figured, this rough-housing and horseplay will drain their energy and we all can sleep soundly afterwards. But sometimes? I forget they're Jack Russells with Energizer batteries in their system. :P They NEVER get tired.

This riot on the bed almost never happens when their Dad is home. Coz Philip as a Dad is typically a stickler for discipline and rules.  If caught misbehaving, some dog is bound to get spanked with newspaper on the butt, while the rest run off to hide under my bed's sidetable.

So, this is their free pass. And I'm the accomplice who has given them this pass.

They've gotten pretty much used to horsing around this past week, I'm afraid I undid how Philip has disciplined them. When he comes home some time next week, I think I will be hiding under my bed's sidetable next to my dogs. :P

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