Dogs With ADHD or Autism

Have you heard of this? Are you aware that dogs can also develop human behavioral disorders like ADHD and Autism?

I was following this discussion in one of the pages that I've "liked" on Facebook:

It didn't go anywhere after the last post, but it did spark my curiosity and I tried finding more information online. Unfortunately, I didn't find enough. Most literature that ended up in my search pointed to kids having ADHD or Autism and how having dogs can help them cope. I couldn't find a good source that speaks about dogs specifically.

How can you tell autism or an ADHD disorder with dogs? Especially with one type of breed where "hyperactivity", a common symptom of ADHD in humans, is the one characteristic that's often used to describe Jack Russells?

Here's one article I thought would be helpful:
Does your dog jump on you so vigorously that it takes at least a few minutes before you are able to settle in when you arrive home? Is your dog so restless and active that it starts barking every time it hears the slightest noise behind the door? Is it difficult for you to take your dog for a walk, because it pulls on the leash, jumps and barks the moment you want to play?

YES. YES. YES. YES. And YES. Those are behaviors I notice with our JRT's all the time.

The article goes on to say...

If you answered “yes” to at least one of the above-mentioned questions, it means that your dog may suffer from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Unfortunately, it’s no use trying to convince yourself that the dog will grow out of such behavior. Hyperactivity is not normal for any of the dog breeds and the animal diagnosed with ADHD should be taken care of as soon as possible.  [SOURCE]

Huh??? Serious??

Should I believe what I'm reading? I said YES to all of the "symptoms"... so, are all our dogs afflicted with ADHD then? Is it the same with humans, as in it's hereditary? Did the pups get this from their papa (Eddie)?

Is there even such a thing with dogs?

I'm still not convinced.

Then I found this book with a Jack Russell on the cover:

I thought I hit the jackpot and would finally be able to get all my answers. But the product review says otherwise:
This cute book -- perfect for kids or dog lovers -- matches photos of puppies with descriptions of behavior that canines and children with ADHD share.
It's meant for kids. The book makes use of dogs to illustrate to kids how they're different but special...just like dogs.

Now, I'm a wee bit insulted they used a JRT for the cover.

The more I find information about dogs and ADHD or autism, the more I'm realizing that if our dogkids were actual human beings, society would have already labeled them and treated them differently.

I'm so, so glad they don't understand any of that. My kids are special, no matter what.

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