When Did You Grow Old?

We had an early lunch of Sinigang today. Since it's a Sunday, the dogs also had their helping of "people food".  It was filling and satisfying.

After that kind of meal, the next best thing to do is to go sleep, right?

So, we all retired to the bedroom afterwards. I was supposed to be watching something and the dogs were supposed to rest, too.

But I had to do something else for a few minutes and left my furkids with their human brother upstairs. When I got back, this is what Sean showed me, as taken from my phone cam:

Eddie was sleeping comfortably in the pups' really old whelping box.

He was snoring, rather loudly. He couldn't be disturbed. Sean tried moving this box all over the place, and Eddie just slept. Nothing could really wake him up.

He was dead tired and relishing siesta time.

Even as his kids were biting through the box (It's the reason why I still keep the box, to keep them from biting other stuff in the bedroom), nothing could wake Eddie up from his deep slumber.

It's like he knows he deserves this after a tiring and stressful week tending to 5 puppies. He doesn't really do that. But I'd like to imagine that it's what he's thinking!

When did Eddie grow so old?

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