It's Quiet Here But It's Not So Quiet In The Homefront

While this blog has been quiet for about a week and a half,  the situation at home is the exact opposite. I don't know what's happening, but our dogs seem to have turned into beasts in a short span of time.

One, they quarrel with each other a lot.  Two, they're greedy with food. Three, if left downstairs late at night, they would bark outside our window so loudly that they could disturb the neighbors (horrifying!).

Running around the house is normal routine for them. But they seem to have also grown bigger the last couple of weeks. Because as they run around furniture this time, they also bump their bodies onto chairs and table corners, displacing everything in sight. I can't count how many times I've to arrange and re-arrange or fix and clean the house in a day. It really is draining following after our pack of seven. It's a full body workout, especially since our Jack Russells don't seem to run out of steam.

My son wondered over dinner earlier when the dogs are going to mellow and start, uh, "behaving". He, too, must be physically tired of looking after them.

Most days, it does get crazy.

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But there have been a couple of nice changes, too.

For instance, Bob, whom I've described as the most standoff-ish of the pack, is learning how to kiss and cuddle. We don't know what ate him. It's like, one day, he just decided maybe he'd get more things his way if he started acting cute. It's a nice change for Bob and for us. Because cuddling him gives me warm feelings all over, particularly since he's big and fat...just so very huggable.

Roz has been sleeping a lot lately, which is nice because there's one less dog to look after when she's snoozing off. She sleeps like a log, this girl. I know nothing's the matter with her because when she's awake, she's a ball of energy. Me thinks she sleeps a lot because she's recharging. (Growing girl!)

Niles is beginning to show he's got balls. I mean that literally and figuratively. I noticed one time that Niles' balls have grown a lot bigger than his other brothers. Which is ironic, because we think he's gay (heh!). Also, he's starting to become a lot more assertive and won't allow himself to be bullied anymore. (Good for him!)

I still have not noticed any changes with the rest of the pack, though.  But I'm hoping they all start behaving better.

The dogs turned exactly nine months yesterday. In human years, they're about the same age as kids graduating from Kindergarten.

I guess that explains why all this is happening to our dog-kids, huh?

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