Welcome Dad!

The dogs are always excited when someone's at the door. Their human dad arriving after being gone for three weeks triggered something else, some sort of excitement overdrive. The dogs even jumped to his luggage.

First it was Eddie, but I wasn't able to take a photo of him.

Then it was Daphne, who also tried to speak to their Dad by howling. She always does that, by the way. She raises her neck/head and howls at her human dad.

I was only able to take a photo of this one:

That's Niles, who tried to follow what Eddie & Daphne did and also jumped on the luggage.

They were just too pleased, I guess.

And that night, when we were to retire to the bed, the dogs were in their best behavior. They were all cuddled next to their human dad --- beside him, on his legs, under his armpit, at his head...they were all over him.

When Philip said they have to get off the bed and sleep on the floor, they obeyed. Philip has a way of saying, "DOWN!" that the dogs follow. Maybe I should get a recording of that command and play it when they make a playground of the bed again and their dad's not home, no?

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