Waking Up Kuya

As soon as we're up and out of the bedroom, Niles does this every morning:

♬ Doors...why do there have to be....doors? 
It's his first order of business. He waits and sits by door of Sean's bedroom, while the rest of his siblings scurry off downstairs to pee and survey the house.

But Niles? He would wait.

I've long observed him doing this. Sometimes, I don't open the door right away, just to see how long he'd wait, because I'm sure he's also waiting to go downstairs to pee. But he'd have none of that yet. He won't go down unless Sean is up.

At first I thought he was doing this because sometimes, Eddie sleeps with Sean and I thought, that's who he wants to see in the morning --- his papa. But last night (and some nights, too), Eddie slept with us. And Niles still sat by Sean's door the next morning.

As soon as the door opens, I don't exactly see what happens because I'm already heading down the kitchen to prepare Sean's breakfast or iron his uniform. But I would hear Sean scream (in that deep voice of his), "No, Niles! No!" and then I'd hear footsteps and pawsteps (?) chasing each other upstairs.

I swear, Niles is better than an alarm clock.


  1. haha ang sweet! hachiko in the making!

  2. Mas pasaway lang to kay Hachiko, kasi nangangalmot to pag di pinapansin eh. Hehhe.

  3. may konek talaga sila ni S... sweet naman... sweet pang asar. hahaha... ano daw kaya gawa ni N when he enters S's room? pees? LOL!

  4. Oo!!! Pees minsan, minsan bite, minsan steals Sean's stuff, pero most of the time laplap sa face. Hindi pa sila marunong mag kiss ng maayos, talagang laplapan pa. Heheh.