The Most Expensive Dogs in The World

Gorgeous, gorgeous furry dog, this Tibetan Mastiff.

Some woman in China paid $582,000 for a pedigreed Tibetan Mastiff, allegedly. Regularly, they are valued between 3,000 and $7,000.

Now, this...I thought are Japanese Spitzes. We used to have two spitzes growing up, Hennessy and Nichols. My grandma named them after whisky. =)

But these dogs are known as Samoyed. I admit, it's the first time I've heard of this breed. Originally from Siberia they can sell as high as $11,000.

Once in a while, I'd spot a Chow-Chow in Tiendesitas. Our neighbor has two of these, in fact:

But I don't know if he's aware this baby can value up to $8,000.

Check for some of the most expensive dogs in the world here.

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