Bob's Penis Won't Retract and I Panicked!

Got your attention, didn't I? (see title)

Now sit down and let me tell you what happened. *breathe in, breathe out*.

Although, I have to say that I was frantic not a few minutes back, when I saw that Bob's penis was all the way out. He was trying to hump one of his brothers. It seems the dog is in heat.

It was long. That...thing! About 3-4 inches longer than it should be. And what's weirder? The balls were also out!

So, there it was....hanging. I would've taken a picture. For posterity. Haha. But it's a good thing I didn't because then I'd have to switch this blog and report it for "sexually explicit content". And also, it would gross you out.


I panicked when I saw it.  Bob couldn't sit nor stand straight. I tried massaging him behind his ears to calm him, because I wasn't sure what he was feeling. It must have hurt. That thing was...abnormal! So it should be hurting.

But for all I know, he may be enjoying it.

Yeow.....I don't know!

So, I googled it up. I wasn't even sure what I'd Google. I didn't know what words to use. I tried: dog penis all the way out. Then dog penis won't go back. Then dog penis won't retract. (Oh boy, all this use of "penis" on this blog entry is going to attract perverts to this blog!!!) 

Whatever Google returned from my search, nothing registered when I was trying to read it. I was worried sick about Bob and feared that thing stays stuck and we'd have to go to the vet for an operation.

One of my searches gave me this:

Did it say "PUSH IT BACK"?? I'd have to hold that thing myself???

I then called my son to the rescue.  I couldn't say it in words, so I pointed IT at him. My son only saw that Bob was licking his thing and had a partial view of the, uh... exposure. But he got it right away and nonchalantly said, "Ahhhh, Mom. That's normal."

Come again?

"He has done it before."

He what?! When? Why? What?!

"You and Dad were out and Daphne was in heat and they were going crazy. It happened to the other dogs, too."

Ha?!!!!  So this is normal? Did you see how long that thing is???

"It's normal. Google it up, Mom."

"Can you google it up and find the answers? I tried but I don't understand what I read. Ang haba kasi parang abnormal. It was this long, nak!" *motioned with my fingers to emphasize IT WAS THIS LONG* 

My son said, as any teenager would apparently say when he can't say the right words --- "Weh?"

Anyway, while Sean and I were still talking about what happened, Bob's penis miraculously went back to normal. I was relieved beyond anything!

"Mom, he looks tired..." noticed Sean. I didn't know what to say. I think we just witnessed a masturbating dog or something.

See pecker...gone.
All better now.

I've got something to ask the Vet next time we see him.


  1. hahaha! yep, it's normal. :)

  2. Ahahahahaahah!! you should have helped him...uh... masturbate? LOL!

  3. parang ang sakit naman... has never happened to my D...

  4. hasn't happened to Eddie either. Ang weird kasi nung kay Bob lawit talaga, Pati yung dalawang balls lumabas dun sa....saplot? SO SCARY!!! LOL.

  5. OMG same thing just happened to my dog came on here to google it and this came up i shit myself to say the least i have never seen that before but thanx for the post that helped so much luckly i didnt have to touch it, it went back in its self after about 5 mins hahahaha

  6. My Dane's thing has been stuck out since about 8 this moring it's almost 2pm now! My husband needs to get home soon to do what ever has to be done to fix it.... I love my baby but I just can't bring myself to touch those parts. I get weirded out when I'm giving him a bath and have to touch that area.

  7. Same thing just happened to my Jack Russell, I googled IT and found this. I think he was humping his blanket that he thinks is his girlfriend. She's been put away for the night :)Thanks for your blog.

  8. This happened to my bulldog last night. He was trying to hump our other dog and I saw it fully extended and maybe a bit "crooked?" Poor guy kept vilently humping the air! them i noticed pee with a pinkish hue? Im thinking a little blood? It got to the point where I put on surgical gloves and gently "coaxed" it back. Weirded me out!!!

  9. This happened to my 12 week old American Eskimo this morning, his restrain came out too so I had to put a lil potion on my finger and lift the skin back over the tested... poor lil guy just wanted some action :)

  10. I had to take my toy poodle to the vet yesterday because it's been out for about a week. I recently adoped him from a rescue. He's 10 yrs. old. It came back out again this morning and it's been 10 hours. I called vet and they want to do surgery Monday and put a stitch in opening to keep it in. Almost $300 that I don't have.

  11. I have 12 weeks old puppy, only weights 2 lbs and it happened to him too. I saw him humping his 'lady bug' stuff toy (toy is as big as him if not bigger) and saw it hangs out.
    Google to see if this is norm and found this blog.
    You guys are so funny.

  12. Omg just stumbled on this blog while googling too! Happened to my 5 month old beagle last night in front of all my friends for the big football game. It probably didn't help that we were all freaking out. He was so scared, he was shaking but it soon went back in. Big ball thing at the bottom, too. I don't know about male parts, nor do I care to.. Nor do I ever want to have to push it back in! Poor puppy...

  13. LOL! I stumbled here looking for info on my pup. His has been stuck out for a couple of days, which apparently can be bad.
    But the "balls" you saw were not his balls; when a male mates, that part gets stuck in the female, and allows them to stay connected for a period of time. I guess that allows for a better chance of creating puppies. But that thing is part of the ahem, Johnson.

  14. I'm so glad I'm not the only one freaking out! My little toy Chihuahua Harley was "coloring" with his fav. panda bear and I looked over to something unexplainably large and inside out-ish..? Called my mom first of course (I'm 24..and yes, still call my mommy when idk what to do lol) & she has experience with Chihuahuas.. and never experienced this! by time I googled, called, found and read this blog, OH and I DID take a picture of it so people would believe my abnormally large description! Read this and Harley was BJ'ing his self back to normal.

    Thankful it didn't last hours, had to touch it, or take him to the vet like others I read! SHEW!

  15. blimey this has just happened to my 4 month old beagle, and i was v worried! was like it for about 10-15 mins, and thankfully as i started to search on google, things had started to wain!

  16. My 7 month old Patterdale Terrier just had the same experience. Poor little thing was just rutting his blanket and oops, there it is. Poor little Rocco looked so worried. I was on the phone to the mother-in-law at the time so her had a good chuckle as I shouted, 'Roccos penis is broken' down the phone.
    Will be taking him to the vets tomorrow as this is not the first time this has happened. Not quite sure what I'm going to say to the insurance company though..lol

  17. Today around 7 my three month old pup Ajax had his first boner. I've never owned a male dog before so this is kinda of... disturbing? He still has it yet I tried almost everything: luke warm bath, flicking it (was told by friend), seeing if a hair was stuck, using lubricant and trying to push it back in. Nothing has worked and the worst part is I'm stuck at home with no phone and no vehicle, or at least until my boyfriend gets home... Which will be in a few hours. Poor Ajax, he's trying to sleep through it but keeps waking up because it gets dry :( I feel terrible...

  18. Lol my 2 yr old shih tzu just did it again. I always worry that it's going to stay that way but it seems normal enough. I've tried googling also n always find the same answers. Check if there's hair stuck, put Vaseline or KY etc. don't really want to do that cuz he gets so grumpy when it happens. I just leave him be n pray it retracts. Sure enough he starts licking himself n eventually the "thing" goes back in. I just hate seeing it. It's seems like he's so uncomfortable.

  19. OMG! I'm so glad I found your blog. I have a 4 month old Chihuahua, and he's been making out with the couch blanket. Tonight it came out, balls and all. I got so scared when it didn't go back in I was going to go to the emergency vet as it is after hours. I decided to try Google first and I found your blog when you son said it was normal I was so relieved. By the time I was done reading it, it went back in.

    Thank you!

  20. I'm so glad I found your blog. It just happened to my 2 year old malti-poo. Glad it's normal, I was just about to rush him to the emergency vet ($200 easy) when it started going back to normal, or at least, what it looks like everyday.


  22. OMG , last night we had a guest over and we just got a Jack Russell rescue dog a few days ago .Well, he started humping on my friend's leg and at first it seemed funny and we tried to laugh it off. We've had lots of dogs and seen their pinkies before. BUT then suddenly he went into manic overdrive and this enormous THING plopped out .I swear it is bigger than my husband's. It was bright red and revolting .It dragged on the floor .Oh yuk , it has put me off cuddling him today .I really wonder if I should take him to the vet ? he hasn't been done, but if someone else sees his thing when they visit us they might be sick or have a heart attack !!!

  23. This has happened to my Shih Tzu a few times now and EVERY time, my kids are the ones to notice it. (They are 4, 8, and 11 - two girls and a boy. Yeah, try explaining THAT to your 4 year old daughter smh) They always come running in in a panic saying "His little pink worm is out again....ewwwww." I understand it is something that can happen to any male breed of dog and if it is out for an extended amount of time, it can dry up, start bleeding, and have other very painful and negative consequences. The first time it happened scared me to death because it even started bleeding. The vet told me that the first thing you should try to do is make sure nothing is obstructing it from retracting, try to manipulate it back in (VERY GENTLY), and if that did not work to put him in a bath. Sometimes it goes in on its own, sometimes we have to do everything the vet recommended. However, if it is out for more than an hour, they should be taken to the vet because it can cause major problems. It can require surgery at times to enlarge the sheath if it is too small among other reasons...but in the long run, it is better to get it back in asap to hopefully avoid those very expensive emergency vet visits because your dog's "pink worm" won't go back in hiding.

  24. Our Yorkie/Pooh was neutered and a few weeks later, he started licking that area. Suddenly a little pink something was coming out. Later on, it happened again; however, everything that came out was about 4 to 5 inches in length and we were scared. However, the vet who neutered Emmanuel, was called and she said that was normal. However, he keeps licking himself and when he does, there is a little pink part of him that emerges. If it continues, we will notify the vet and bring him in,


  25. Omg thank god I found this my kelpie just had a go with his bunny and everything plopped out went back in on its own tho we were scared tho twolesbians in the house we didn't know wat to do

  26. This just happened To My 80 pound dog he was tring to have sex with my 10 pound dog... thank god he is too tall to get it in It would kill her! It was like 7 to 8 inches!! So gross! i feel like im going to throw up...he came all over my kitchen floor! unless it was pee.... i really Hope it was pee...

  27. Sooooo, same tale as everyone else my poor Lil man terribly wants my female dog who is fixed. I FRRREEAAKKEEDD OUT when I saw him FULLY extended. Out of pure instinct I grabbed a half empty bbottle of water and wet it as it was so dry and it went down and back in......ahhh sigh of relief

  28. I have a year and a half shitz tus . 3 times this has happened. last time would not retract, had to take my baby in for surgery. Have his brother here and he is going nuts without his big brother. Always had sthiz tsus and never seen before.

  29. Oh man.. this just happened to my 15 week old Italian Greyhound. He was humping his cheetah stuffed animal and all of a sudden his penis came all the way out. It has come out before but this time it was all the way to what looked like his balls and stayed out for about 2 minutes. When I looked it up on Google it brought me to this blog. When I checked on him again, his penis was retracted. Phew, it kind of freaked me out! Nonetheless, I got a good laugh and some relief when I realized that other people undergo the "oh fuck that's a dog boner" experience. Cheers.

  30. oh my goodness.... this just happened to my fixed 1 year old Chihuahua and it was practically dragging on the floor. I freaked out! I've never seen this happen to him before. I got on google of course to see what to do and after reading this blog it went back to normal.

    I'm so glad I did not want to have to touch that thing. He's still walking funny. poor baby

    I had a good laugh after reading all of these though.

  31. HOW THE VET FIXED IT...my male dog did this a year ago before we had him fixed. It stayed out for a day or 2. Took him to the vet. They put him on a table with a sink underneath it. Sprayed COLD water on "it" for 10 minutes. Then packed sugar on it and held it there for 10 minutes. The vet tech had a great time doing this. Lol! We laughed and laughed and laughed. She had never done anything so weird before. She now calls herself his girlfriend. Then, she had to rinse him with cold water again for 10 minutes. This shrunk the problem and they were able to pull the skin flap back down over it. Problem solved, right? I had him neutered the next week! Now, it's a year later and a female in heat has been in our yard. Not only is my dog fighting with the other suitors (and winning, by the way), but he has obviously mated with her because "it" is hanging out again and won't go in and there is blood around it! Grrrr. At least this time I know what to do and won't have to pay a vet bill!!! BAD DOG!!!

    1. "It" is called a Dick bro.

  32. same just happened to my chihuahua

  33. thank god I found this, same just happened to my bichon frise and he's at the groomers in a few hours!!!