Fun, Fun Dog Music Video from OkGo, Featuring 12 dogs and A Goat

Found this video while following a few dog blogs.

I don't know who OkGo is and maybe I should. They enlisted an animal trainer because they had this concept of featuring dogs on their video.

So, they found a trainer and rehearsed for weeks with the dogs and some props. Then it was time to shoot and this is what supposedly happened:

It wasn't until take 49 when things clicked, dogs, band, and music all in perfect synchronization. It was on take 60 when new problem appeared: The dogs were doing it perfectly and enjoying it. But they were enjoying it so much that they started to do it faster than than the music.

I can imagine. I checked the video and yes, if I were a dog, I'd totally have fun starring in it, too!

Take a look ---

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