Pet Cremation and Burial In The Philippines

My apologies beforehand for picking a morbid topic to blog about on a Sunday morning. Discussing about death isn't "ideal conversation", I know.  I don't even discuss plans about how my family can dispose of my body when I die; nor listen to my parents or the husband when they broach the subject. No one likes this conversation.

Not to worry anyone, but I just got curious about pet cremation when I saw this article on the Philippine Star.

I secretly wanted something like that urn for all of our dogs when they pass and I want them displayed here in our house, too.

Unlike with actual human family members, dogs don't get meaningful burials.  And I've been through a number of dog deaths in the family to know that most of the time, their bodies are left buried in our backyard.

We don't have a big backyard where we now live. There's only a small garden we know isn't fit for burying. So where do we put the dogs when they eventually...rest in peace? I can't stomach throwing their bodies in the garbage bin and we can't just bury them in a vacant lot, where someone's house is going to sit there sooner or later.

So, I said to myself when I read the article, I'd like them cremated, in an urn, where they can be with us in the house even when they're not there anymore.

Then, I googled for information about pet cremation and found these links:

Day care centers, cremation services now offered for your pets

And since dogs’ life span is 10 to 15 years, the owners' attachment to their pets are understandable and inevitable. He said it is because of this that Animal House now offers cremation as one of its services.

Pet Cremation, Manila, Philippines

Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial Services can alleviate many of the problems involved with pet deaths and burials. We provide twenty four hour cellphone service, which allows you to reach us in your time of need. We will pick up the pet from the home or veterinary clinic. Please find this information useful:

Package includes: 1) Pick-up and drop-off of remains from and to the clinic or your home, 2) marble urn and name engraving, 2) memorial card with pictures, 3) custom acrylic paperweight. The service may take 4-14 days, depending on the availability and/or delivery of marble urns, engraver and customization of paperweight.

As life-long pet lovers ourselves, you can be assured that your loved ones will be treated with utmost respect and decency as they rightfully deserved. Afterall, this service was made possible because of our interest in providing a graceful goodbye to our pets who we also consider family members, and who deserves nothing less. We will also provide documentation photos of the whole process upon request.

Package Prices
P 9,000.00 for Small dogs (10kg below) and all Cat sizes
P 10,000.00 for Medium dogs (20kg below)
P 12,000.00 for Large dogs (21kg up)


Give us a call or an SMS through this cellphone number: +63 915 607.6080 or you can email us at: angelicum@gmail.com

All dogs (and cats) can go to heaven in style

In Katipunan Valley, Loyola Heights in Quezon City, part of a 5,000-sq m lot owned by the Manila Electric Co. has been turned into a burial ground for pets. The compound also houses the animal rehabilitation center of the organization.

Anna Cabrera, PAWS’ program director, said she prefers the term “pet memorial” to pet cemetery.

“We never thought of this place as a burial ground,” Cabrera told the Inquirer. “Initially, we just wanted to accommodate pet owners who live in condominium units or apartment buildings who have no lots of their own to bury their dead pets.
I'm putting it here on this blog for my reference.

And maybe yours, too.


  1. there are still thousands of dogs and cats dying along the street some died starving, some were sick waiting for their last breath imagine the sufferings they had went through before their last drop of tears amidts the busy streets,their cries echoing in pain at night no one seems to bother Am praying for all the people to help and give them a portion of our heart and compassion to give them the love that they need, remember God created them after us that we may live among them and shared their life to us to make us happy.

    1. I cannot muster the strength to turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to cat or dog who is loss and astray. Even if its beyond my capacity I spare half of my income for them. I now live with 8 cats and 3 dogs all rescued off the street even if I know for the fact that I could not afford the very best for them. It is truly sad how most people are treating animals in this country. I often see children maltreating an animal almost on a daily basis and even adults abusing a cat or a dog- it is always heart breaking to see but its a hard reality that I have to face. Kindly pray that I will have the capacity to take good care of the strays and neglected pets. I really need prayers that I will have financial security to give these dogs and cats the proper care and for me to accommodate any pet that needs a shelter and a place where they can call home. Lord, grant me the mean. Amen.

  2. Our pets are a cherished companion of us. They are like members of our family, been there for holidays, vacations, the ups and downs, and stuck with us to give endless joy and happiness in their short lives. So a pet loss, whether predictable or sudden, is a heartbreaking event. Their demise deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

  3. It's endless. Every one need someone to company them.

  4. Thank you for your blog! My dog is 14 years old and my vet said i have to face it. He will go ahead of me. However, the more painful decision was: where do I lay my dog to rest? This has given me more hope and peace of mind.

  5. Peaceful Pastures Services are for all pets like birds, cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, and other pet companions. Peaceful Pastures offers pet owners a number of cremation services or a dignified burial provided by a caring staff that understands the importance of saying goodbye to a beloved pet.

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  6. Its was a tragic moment when our pet lost really pets are very close to us just like our family members.
    Effectively I undoubtedly enjoyed reading the item. The following subject presented by you can be quite
    useful for us. With thanks for discussing.

  7. I didn't know that there is pet cremation in the Philippines. Yes some animals died on the street they are the ones that are havent taken care off and I feel sad about it.

  8. I never expected that I'll be looking for a pet cremation services.. its hard and very emotional for me to take... my dog just died today and i am seriously grieving right now.. it all happens in a blink of an eye.. i am absent today with out pay and my boss have to make an alibi about my absence, he can't say the truth because they said its purely unacceptable "there is no such thing as pet bereavement leave" but honestly speaking its just the same, you still loss an important part of your life... may you rest in peace my baby bruno thank you for your unconditional love and loyalty...you will never ever be forgotten...

  9. When my dog dies i will make him a fertilizer! I have many mango trees! He will end up Der! Ass!

  10. I was looking for a Crematory for Pet yesterday as my dear beloved Siberian Husky died yesterdat and I do not know where to place her as we thought that the tomb we made in our house is full already, there were 4 dogs already buried there, but to my surprised, most of them is in the period of decomposition and finally we laid in rest my furry love Dog. I will surely miss my Baby Girl JAHEIRA. Love you Baby

  11. Though we all know that the absence of our passed away pets is always a painful memory. Still we can behold their memories with respect through cremation urns. And we can always keep them on our fire place, corner of our room, this makes you feel and remember of your golden memories spent with your pet. Visit this Website