I Think He Wants To Learn The Song...

Was reading up on my Facebook newsfeed earlier and clicked on a video. It was from one of my friends whose child was singing.

Frasier was inches from me, and upon hearing it, this is what happened:

I really, really think Frasier is a reincarnation of someone who used to be a performer.  He was watching and listening intently the whole time. Even as one of his brothers got up the bed and tried to bite him (at this point, I couldn't video anymore), Frasier can't be bothered. He sat there watching everything.

Anyway, the child's video? It's actually of a 7-year old boy who wrote the song himself. Amazing! Watch the full video here.


  1. ngayon ko lang nakita tong video nya na to... i must say.. may promise ang isang ito! hahaha... may pyuchur sha!
    really, frasier is one amazing furkid you have, minds!

  2. Hehe nagulat nga rin ako parang alam niya nangyayari.