A Little Drama For Momma

I didn't think my first post about Frasier on this blog would be this little "sad" story.

He injured his leg this morning. He did it to himself. The dog jumped some two meters long and didn't land quite perfectly.

Worse, he did it 2x.

And whimpered both times.

Both times, he called for help. I was nearest when he got hurt the first time, so naturally my instinct was to scoop him up, carry him to my lap, soothe him with my voice and massage his leg.

Well, the darn dog must have thought, "Wow! Free massage!!!" Coz the 2nd time it happened, which was about thirty minutes apart by the way...Frasier milked it for all the attention he can get.

So, now he's playing the helpless victim. You would think he's been beaten and that his injury's really bad.

Just look at this face:

Hurting... Keep rubbing my legs, Mom!

I took this photo a few moments after they had lunch, where Frasier was able to walk to his food bowl. Which meant that while the leg was hurt, he was actually fine.

Except... Marty and him got into a fight in the middle of eating. And then Frasier probably remembered his leg was supposed to be hurting. So you know what he did when we tried to stop Marty and him from quarreling over food? Cried loudly and then raised his leg as if to say, "I'm not the bad guy here, see I'm hurt?! Punish Marty!"

My son, Sean, had a good laugh. "Tinaas pa niya talaga paa niya, Ma."

This dog has a future. I can hear it now: "And the Best Dramatic Dog Actor Award goes to..."


  1. aba lokong bata ah... artista!

  2. Pinanindigan rin. Sobrang helpless siya ngayon karga karga dapat. Kasi talagang tinataas niya leg niya pag nakikita niya kami ni Sean, nakakaawa talaga. Pero, may gana pang makipag-wrestling sa mga kapatid niya.