Most dogs love to get into stuff they're not supposed to be playing or eating. Jack Russell Terriers do all of those things. And worse.

I can't tell you how many slippers I've had since the pups were born (July 2010). I stopped counting on my 8th pair. And that's just mine. They also ate my son's slippers, the hubby's slippers, the hubby's friend's slippers (which we had to replace, bummer!).

I can't tell you how many of my bags they tried gnawing. Or how many soiled clothes they took from the hamper to play with, leaving holes in them. Or how many of our son's school socks the dogs took from his basket, thinking these are balls.

You get the picture.

Everyday is always a discovery.

If you're visiting our house, you've got to watch out for this army of destroyers. Please don't come wearing something expensive. We will not be liable for the damages (haha!).

These are just some of what I found destroyed today:

The lounge bed in our living room.

Newspaper rack.

Rag. This is rag #1005. They keep playing with rags.

There's going to be more, that's for sure. Which is why I'm particularly dedicating an Exhibit DDD category for this blog.


  1. hahaha. ako marami na rin ako maeexhibit, one time, magcollaborate tayo ng mga for exhibit ha! haha