Girls Are The Smartest!

Good girl, Roz!
Of the dogs, Niles and Bob are notorious for peeing and pooing on our bed. They know where their potty mats are but I feel that some days? They just want to test my patience. Sometimes I catch the boys, sometimes I don't.

Last night, I found poop on our bed and figured it was either Niles or Bob again. Naturally, I scolded the dogs and cleaned up the mess.

I was already resting in bed, watching TV with them sleeping so cozy next to me, when I noticed that Roz stayed to the side of the bed the whole time. She was uneasy and she started to cry.

I kept calling her to come up. The bed's all clean and I was no longer mad. She wouldn't move. She just sat there looking at me. So, I let her stay.

When I finished the program I was watching and I checked on her again, she still wouldn't move from where she was sitting. I finally came up to her and saw why.

She had poop on her butt! It was the kind that wouldn't drop because it stayed stuck.  She was the one who left her mark on the bed. And she stayed on the floor, crying for me, because she didn't want to mess it all over again.

I was amazed how much she understood. I had to reassure her what happened was an accident and I didn't know she had a hard time wriggling out her poop.

And then I ended up wiping and washing her butt that night.  Just like with babies.

But I was mighty proud of how much smarter this girl is compared to her brothers.

Girls are truly the smartest!

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